“Incredibly Pleased”

I decided to try Rolfing after I had heard it mentioned from a couple of people. I had started going to the chiropractor about 3 years ago to help with migraines. Getting adjusted by the chiropractor drastically helped my migraines, but I began to notice that my adjustment was not “sticking.” I found myself having [...]


“I could not believe the changes.”

I first met Kim about twelve years ago. We were co-workers. I must admit my initial impression was, “She’s kinda out there – cosmic.” You see, I was very traditional. The closest thing I had experienced to alternate forms of treatment was chiropractic performed after a water skiing injury.
My next back injury occurred at [...]


Who gets Rolfed?

The majority of people decide to get Rolfed because of chronic aches and pains that have not responded to other treatment. Others come because they would like to stand and sit straighter and have difficulty doing it on their own. Another group of people decide to undergo the series to gain more flexibility, a more [...]